Get Tanked!


P-38 Drop Tank

Do your hot rod dreams include slipping into a fire suit and helmet, sliding into the confines of a  one-time aircraft fuel tank, getting safety belted to the point of being unable to breathe, reaching  with restrained arm to a start switch, firing the motor, then wait for a starter tell you to drop your  visor and go ahead? Are your heroes Bill Burke and Alex Xydias?

Then you my friend are in need of a tank fix.

Coming off the wings of the venerated WWII P-38 war bird, the drop-tank was developed by the  U.S. Government as the most aerodynamic shape possible, then and now. The supplies of war  surplus have all but dried up, but not to worry. You need only make a phone call to Wayne Yeats, ELMO RODGE RACING, Salina Utah (435.529.2026), for one of his fiberglass reproductions. Wayne has acquired the molds developed and used by land speed record holder Jack Kelly. 

Based on the 316-gallon long-range fuel tank, each tank is hand laid-up fiberglass constructed.  Your Land Speed Dream will get a boost with no WWII era damage and corrosion to worry about.

Aero headrest for roll cage streamlining and a 20-inch body extension panel for additional drivetrain and cockpit room are available options.  Call for pricing and availability.


Salina, Utah